Tanque Verde Soccer Club (TVSC) strives to always project a professional image at all times and ensures that our club sponsor/s is represented per our partnership agreements. Every competitive player and their coaches will be asked to adhere to the following practice and game uniform policies. Only official Adidas uniform kits, TVSC 2014-2015 practice gear, and TVSC/Adidas cold weather gear will be allowed to be worn while participating in any TVSC event.

Training Session (Practices)

  • TVSC players need to arrive wearing their grey TVSC training jersey and navy practice shorts and white socks.
  • The only training jersey that will be allowed to be worn will be the new grey TVSC training jersey with Chapman Automotive and McDias sponsor logos on the back. Coaches will be held fully accountable to enforce this.
  • All players should bring their soccer bags, soccer balls, if required by coach, and water and/or sports drink.
  • TVSC Game uniforms (jersey and short) should never be worn at practice, and such players are to be sidelined by the coach during the entire practice or until they comply with this policy.
  • Goalies may also wear their TVSC approved keeper jersey (Adidas in turquoise) during practice.
  • During cold weather, players may wear their TVSC hoodie and/or Adidas warm-up during practice.
  • NO school or other clubs apparel may be worn at any time during TVSC activities

Field Player Game Uniform

  • The TVSC primary game uniform is navy jersey, navy game shorts, and white game socks for all games, tournaments and state league play. Alternate game uniform is silver jersey, navy game shorts, and white game socks. (At no time is this combination to be altered)
  • When there is a color conflict…if you are the home team, then the alternate TVSC game uniform should be worn.
  • Players (U9 through U14) are not required to wear grey training jersey prior to their games. Coaches' discretion.
  • Players (U15 through U18) will arrive to all games wearing their TVSC grey training jersey and game shorts.
  • Players will warm-up in their training jersey, and then change to their game jersey prior to kick-off.
  • All players should have both game jerseys and their grey training jerseys with them, along with their soccer bags, soccer balls if required by coach, and water and/or sports drinks.
  • Soccer bags should be lined up neatly on the sidelines during all games. This will represent professionalism and team unity
  • Being shirtless or wearing only a sports bra is not allowed for any length of time. This applies while at the fields for practice and games.
  • Any team that plays in 3v3, 7v7 or any other small-sided event and uses their official TVSC team name must wear their TVSC approved apparel.

Goalkeeper Game Uniform

  • Goalkeepers should arrive wearing their grey training jersey and navy game shorts, and then change to their keeper jersey prior to kick-off.
  • Goalkeepers can elect to arrive wearing their goalkeeper attire (jersey and shorts/pants).
  • Goalkeepers (Full-time) game uniform is black shorts, black socks, and the Adidas keeper jersey (Turquoise) for all games/tournaments and state play.
  • Goalkeepers (part-time) that have time in games as a field player must wear the same uniform as their team while on the field.
  • Goalkeepers (part-time) when placed in goal can just change in to approved Adidas (turquoise) keeper jersey.
  • After the completion of games, or in between tournament and/or state games, players (including goalies) must change from their game jersey to their TVSC grey training jersey.
  • Goalkeepers (Full-time) who are established full-time keeper within TVSC and have keeper uniforms from the past season that are still in good shape and are properly logo-ed with TVSC, may continue to wear them. These Goalkeepers will be able to order the new Adidas keeper kit (turquoise) in lieu of a field player kit.

Cold Weather Gear
TVSC/Adidas warm-up should be worn to all games/tournaments/practices during bad weather. (If the team did not purchase the Adidas warm-up, then that team must wear their numbered, TVSC hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants) Note: No school or other club apparel will be permitted on the field for TVSC practices, games, events and/or tournaments.

Personal Wear
The following items are considered personal wear items and not required to be TVSC/Adidas branded

  • Soccer shoes (any color)
  • Compression/cold weather under-shirts and under-shorts (matching colors preferred, but not mandatory)
  • Headbands, ear warmers, and leggings

Outside Representative Functions
Functions such as club/team fundraisers, volunteer work with sponsors, attending other soccer games, ball boy/girl at college games, etc. are a good opportunity to represent the Tanque Verde Soccer Club (TVSC).

  • TVSC training jersey and cold weather gear (Adidas warm-up, TVSC hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants) ARE allowed to be worn by players.
  • Note that players may also wear their TVSC training jersey, Adidas Warm-up, and hooded sweatshirt outside of practice - i.e. to school, camp, etc.
  • For travel to tournaments, team dinners, etc., players should wear their TVSC training jersey, and Adidas warm-up jacket (or hoodie if team did not purchase Adidas Warm-up) as weather allows.

Team Sponsor Policy
NO TVSC team will be allowed to post any team sponsors/donation logos on their TVSC training jersey and/or uniforms at any time.

Approved items for sponsor/donation logos will be

  • Team banner or flag
  • Team website or Facebook page
  • Team Bags
  • Practice shorts
  • Sponsor plaques w/team photo
  • Sun shades / Pop-up
  • Hand out your sponsors business flyer at Recreational games
  • Invite your sponsors to games and tournaments

Additional Guidelines

  • Player and Coaches are expected to take pride in their appearance when representing TVSC
  • No TVSC team will be allowed to self-produce TVSC branded apparel at any time without the approval of the TVSC Executive Board.
  • Any Reproduction of the TVSC logo is strictly prohibited, unless consent has been given by the Executive Board.
  • Coaches are required to wear only TVSC training jersey to all practices. TVSC expects their coaches to lead by example at all times.
  • Coaches are required to wear their game day polo's or TVSC training jerseys to all games and official club sponsored events.
  • Coaches will be able to purchase gray TVSC hoodies to wear during cold weather training and games if needed. (Visit online store). Coaches will also be able to purchase Adidas warm-ups through The Shop if desired.
  • NO other club, school or name branded coach's wear should be worn, other than TVSC and/or Adidas.
  • Additional training jerseys (players & coaches) are always available for purchase at any time through The Shop.

Coach Dress Code Standards


  • Red training shirts for training (TVSC ONLY)
  • Red Game-Day polo's or red training jerseys must be worn on game days
  • NO other shirts will be allowed


  • Please wear soccer shorts or pants (Un-branded if possible)
  • Khaki pants or shorts are acceptable for games only
  • No jeans, cargo pants, or "worn" looking lower garments.


  • TVSC hats are acceptable and preferred.
  • No backwards baseball caps or visors.


  • Soccer shoes or cleats should be worn.
  • Sneakers are acceptable for game day coaching only.
  • Sandals, even soccer sandals, are not acceptable footwear.


  • In general TVSC approved soccer clothing is best.
  • All attire should be well cleaned and not wearing out and/or old looking.
  • Anything with political positions, racial or ethnic slurs, or profanity of any kind is prohibited.
  • NO other club or organizations apparel is allowed to be worn at anytime

The way each person looks represents everyone else in the organization. If you see someone who is violating these rules, or who is trying to skim by on the "letter of the law", let that person know. I know that talking to someone about this can be uncomfortable, but you aren't doing him or the club you represent any favors if you keep it to yourself.

Coaches do not have the right to change any part of the TVSC official uniform/dress code policy or alter the uniform kits in any way. If a coach violates this policy or goes against club rules, they will be subject to the Discipline and Review (D&R) process.