Procedure for Player Discipline

All players in the Tanque Verde Soccer Club (TVSC) are required to sign the "Tanque Verde Soccer Club

Player/Parent Agreement". Violations of the Agreement will be brought before the TVSC Discipline and Review ("D&R") Committee made up of the President, the Vice President, the Director of Discipline and Review, one selected head coach and the Director of Coaching for review and action.

In the event that a player is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike behavior and/or violates the Player/Parent Agreement, and/or engages in behavior at practices or games that the Coach deems inappropriate and detrimental to the team and/or Club, the Coach may take any of the following actions:

  • Immediate removal of the player from the practice or the game for inappropriate behavior. Refer the matter to the D&R Committee for review and possible sanction.

  • If the child is ejected from a contest and/or violates the Player/Parent agreement the matter will be referred to the D&R Committee. The D&R Committee will then investigate the matter and come to a determination as to what, if any, additional sanctions are required. These may include but are not limited a warning, suspension, probation, and /or dismissal from the Club.

The Discipline and Review procedures will be addressed by the D&R Committee. These procedures will be in accordance with all state and/or local guidelines for participation, promoting the mission and values of the Tanque Verde Soccer Club. In all cases, the decisions of the D&R Committee are final.